Introducing the Trustless Trader

Now you can trade options on the ethereum platform. Discover smarter investing by hedging your positions.

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Valiat Technologies

Powered by Ethereum smart contracts

Valiat is a layered application running on the Ethereum blockchain which uses smart contracts to enable secure derivatives trading. Valiat is built on bidirectional payment channels allowing clients to trade off-chain with the assurance of on-chain enforceability. The platform looks to make advancements in account clearance, escrow capabilities and low-cost trading. The technology is complementary to Ether.

Valiat offers intuitive online options trading

Valiat’s revolutionary new platform allows for a more flexible approach to trading. Clients leverage, mitigate risk and profit from falling as well as rising prices.


Margin and Leverage

Traders can leverage positions and take advantage
of even the smallest of market moves.

24-7 Trading

Investors can now trade with an entirely new take
on the market every day of the week.

Risk Management

With options trading, investors can protect their profits
and also limit their downside.

News and Analysis

Valiat clients have access to the latest news,
market data, and actionable insights.

Social Sentiment Signals

Investors can leverage our proprietary sentiment
algorithms and pre-empt market events.

Execution and innovative technology

Valiat strives to anticipate the needs of the modern financial markets by offering a well-structured, user centred secure technology which supports non-technical and sophisticated users alike.


Clear Prices

Each Valiat client has access to their full transaction and pricing history. All traders know why and how their instruments were priced.


Smart Trading

Valiat’s Smart Trading Accounts act as agents connecting to the distributed ledger to process transactions, and enable near-instant clearing.

Ease of Use

Fast and User Friendly

Valiat is designed for all. Now, novice to advanced crypto-traders have access to a simple, fast and user friendly interface.

How Valiat works

Valiat options allow traders to position themselves for any market outlook, whether they see the market as moving up, down or even sideways.


Multi Asset Trading

Clients select the instrument that best fits their strategic allocation.


Determine Market Direction

Clients have the right, but not the obligation to perform a specified transaction.


Invest and Place a Transaction

Clients can configure either 1-click or 2-click validation to best match their style of trading.

We operate as a single unit

We are a team of professionals, each committed to remaining at the forefront of the fin-tech space. We bring experience, industry knowledge and extremely high standards. What makes us special is our diverse expertise and our shared passion for innovation.

Maria de Freitas

Co-Founder - Strategy &
Business Development

Dora Szucs

Co-Founder - Operations & Marketing

Maxim Markov

Co-Founder - Development & Technology

Alexander Kiselev

Experience Architect

Zane Kūkoja

Customer Care

Frederik Friis Hansen

Finance and Risk Management

Advisory Board

Mattias Vilhelm Warnøe Nielsen

Legal Advisor, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Martin Søndergaard

Legal Advisor, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Bjørn Krog

Legal Advisor, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Jack Schwager

Author and Portfolio

Alan Plaugmann

Options Expert and Derivatives

Matt Bolduc CFA

Finance & Risk Management

Omri Ross

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen

Blockchain Specialist and Implementer

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